Storyteller and certified Chef de Cuisine 
A working freelance food stylist & Actra performer in motion pictures and still photography. Kari is an European certified Chef de Cuisine and worked a decade as a chef in restaurant and hospitality industry including at The Royal Palace in Norway. She is a published wellness and travel writer for traditional press and online publications like The Globe and Mail, Savymom.ca and Explore Magazine. She brings both her experience as a storyteller and her food skills to set to execute the vision of the producers as well as being able to work in a fast-paced environment.
Food Stylist Clients : So.Da / Maniac Productions / Venture Communications / Foodnetwork.ca / Goldfish Crackers / Cheestrings / Adamson Barbeque / Balzac /Insight Productions Ltd./FORTE Entertainment

How you can work with me
– Food styling stills & motion picture
– Recipe development and testing
– Hand modelling 
– Freelance writing 

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