Storyteller and certified Chef de Cuisine 

Friluftsliv (outdoor life) , adventures, books, food and telling stories have always been an important part of my life. 

My passion for food started as a little girl in Norway, foraging mushrooms on hikes with my parents, always reading cookbooks and designing my own birthday parties.

I’m a European trained Chef du Cuisine ( 3 year program ) and I a worked a decade in various positions in the hotel and restaurant business, including at the Norwegian Royal Palace. It was an exciting and carefree time with many culinary highlights which gave me the opportunity to work and travel in Norway, funded my degree in Library and Information Science and a solo backpacking trip across the USA.

Adventure has always been important for me and I’m not afraid of opportunities that take me out of my comfort zone. This is how I found myself working on a Hollywood movie set and I  loved working on set so much that I continued working as a performer and have worked in over 100 movie and television sets. 

Today I’m a working freelance food stylist in motion pictures and still photography. I’m a also published wellness and travel writer for traditional press and online publications like The Globe and Mail, Savymom.ca and Explore Magazine. I bring both my experience as a storyteller and food skills to set to execute the vision of the producers as well as being able to work in a fast-paced environment. 

Food Stylist Clients : So.Da / Maniac Productions / Venture Communications / Foodnetwork.ca / Goldfish Crackers / Cheestrings / Adamson Barbeque / Balzac /Insight Productions Ltd./FORTE Entertainment

How you can work with me
– Food styling stills & motion picture
– Recipe development and testing
– Hand modelling 
– Freelance writing 

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